Character Ownership List

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Name Of Owner Group Affiliation of Character(s) Character(s) CWAL Writer
Adrien CWAL Newbie Patrol Adrien Yes
Aeon CWAL Aeon Yes
Akardam Deceased, CARV Akardam Yes
Anarion CWAL Newbie Patrol Anarion Yes
Archangel CWAL Archangel Yes
Arcturus CWAL Arcturus Inactive
Non-Aligned Evil Darkturus
Atlas CWL Atlas Yes
Auric OEEP Auric Yes
??? Lavag
Auspex Termalis CWAL Auspex Termalis Yes
▀etaMantis COTS ▀etaMantis, Jade, Magni Yes
Craw CWAL Newbie Patrol Craw Yes
Cydric Zerg Canadians Cydric Resigned
Dark Chrono Not Available Dark Chrono, Krath, Shreik Resigned
Dark Nexus COTS Thunder, The Speds, Bergling, Whyte Yes
Not Available, COTS Dark Nexus
Deceased, COTS Kebs
DarkAngel OEEP Dark Angel Yes
DarkLight Not Available Not Available Yes
DarthNinny CARV DarthNinny, Master Tuff Yes
Dei'Nach'r CWAL Newbie Patrol Dei'Nar'Ys Yes
Dorg CARV Dorg, PokÚmaniac, Sam Inactive
Neutral Cid, Dimentus
CWAL: Team17 Dorgo Yes
Dragoneyes Not Available Dragoneyes Resigned
Duraznos CWAL Duraznos Yes
Enigma CWAL Enigma Inactive
Eye of the Night CWAL Newbie Patrol Brighteye Yes
OEEP Nighteye
Fearless CWAL Fearless Resigned
Fjorxc CWAL HV Freerunner, Fjorxc Yes
Frenzy Independent Evil Frenzy, Malice Yes
Friendly:) CWAL Friendly:)
Frito CWAL Frito Yes
Fron CWAL Fron Yes
OEEP Fronette
Gaval CWAL, ASG Gaval Yes
ASG Cabbott, Chalice, Dick, Gatral, Jo BoB, Van
Deceased, ASG Dyke
Not Available, ASG Cabal
Non-aligned Rachel Hollis, Juss D. Nuse
Glass CWAL Moogle, Mr. Shag Yes
Glitterspike CWAL Glitterspike
Gluegun CWAL Gluegun, Liz
Gunslinger CWAL Gunslinger Inactive
Grorx CWAL Grorx, Rask Inactive
Ikana CWAL Mutant Zergling Resigned
Intruder CARV Intruder Yes
CWAL Newbie Patrol Jake Carver(Carver), Lydia
Iolaus CWAL Iolaus Inactive
Jarick OEEP Aurus Yes
CWAL Jarick
XILE The Sarge
Jules CARV Jules Inactive
JoystickJ CWAL JoystickJ Inactive
Karim CWAL Karim Yes
Independant Evil Mirak, Tik
Kazz CARV Kazz Yes
Lazerslug CARV Lazerslug Yes
Leach CWAL Leach Yes
Legion007 CARV Legion007 Yes
Lodogran CWAL Fuji
Lothos CWAL Lothos Yes
Maelstrom Deceased, CWAL HV Maelstrom Resigned
Maggott CWAL Maggott Yes
Magni Resigned
Magnus CWAL Newbie Patrol Magnus Inactive
ManaKnight CARV ManaKnight13 Yes
Mars Ultor CWAL Mars Ultor
McGravin CWAL McGravin Yes
Midnight CARV Midnight Yes
Morpher X2 CWAL Newbie Patrol Crystal Yes
CWAL Morpher X2
Mu CWAL Mu Yes
CWL Numquam
Independent Evil Sephroth
Namrok CARV Namrok Yes
Omnicron CWAL Newbie Patrol Omnicron Yes
Orcfodder CWAL Newbie Patrol Orcfodder, Box of Newbies Yes
Paradox CARV Paradox Yes
Independant Evil Eddie
Palin Independant Evil Senthin Yes
Pax CWAL Grey Yes
Pez CWAL Paranoid CWALer, Pez Yes
Blizzard Franklin
Phasmus CWAL Phasmus Yes
Phoenix CWAL: Team17 Phoenix Yes
Playdohpuss Yes
Poeir Deceased, CWAL Poeir Resigned
Prysym CWAL Prysym
Purple Monkey Dishwasher CWAL Purple Monkey Dishwasher
Ravage! None Ravage! Yes
Ravil Not Available Ravil Yes
Razael CWAL SimMaster Yes
Revanant OEEP Revanant
Robo-Gerbil CWAL Newbie Patrol Robo-Gerbil, Silverwing Yes
Se˝or Gato CARV Se˝or Gato Yes
Independant Evils Zakk, Vance Davin
Seraph CARV Seraph, THE HAT
Seventies Babe CWAL: Team17 Seventies Babe Yes
Shadow CWAL Akira, Debris, Shadow Yes
Siege CWAL Jolt
Skinny CARV Honey, Skinny Yes
Smoke Not Available Smoke Inactive
Snapper CWAL Dijit Numarec, Snapper Yes
CWL Jherok
CWAL: Team17 Snapper, Rocky, Snax, Klap Yes
Sofielisk Resigned
Spudster CWAL Newbie Patrol Spudster Yes
Squeeky CWAL Squeeky
Supernook CWAL Supernook Yes
Talruum CWAL Talruum Yes
The Deamon CWAL Newbie Patrol Ariana Yes
COTS Daemon, Deamon
Not Available Lunatic
The Frog OEEP Frog Yes
The V Man CWAL The V Man Yes
Tokyo Ai Ko ???? Hikaru, Shin Hikaru
TurtleToo Zerg Canadians TurtleToo Inactive
Tybalt CWAL Tybalt Yes
undertow CARV undertow Yes
Zozo Yes

Note: CWAL: Team 17 writer guidelines are seperate from the main body of CWAL.

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